Another day of mostly rain at the allotment…..

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Another day of mostly rain but at least we were able to keep working through it and made progress.

  • The weeding continued in the fruit cage, and also round the plot edges where we sowed annual flower seeds, somewhat late but we should get an autumn show.
  • Half of the newly planted parsley plants – only the flat variety – in the raised bed have disappeared over the week so slug pellets were put down to give the remainder a chance.
  • More beetroot and Purple Milan turnips were sown for succession and more dwarf French beans which had been germinated in a pot at home were planted out.
  • The pumpkin was planted out in the asparagus bed where it will be sheltered from the wind.  Now all it needs is some sunshine – like all of us.

Tom came along to check on the progress of his peas and onions for exhibiting in the Autumn shows. He removed the flowers from the peas since the shows are not until September, so it is too early to allow pods to develop. The peas will continue to grow and later flowers will be kept on to develop into pods.

Photographs show: Weeding but keeping the foxgloves. Planting out the dwarf French beans. Tom removing the flowers from the peas

Jobs for next week: Weeding. Thinning (carrots, beetroot and turnips)

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    Weeding seems to be a never ending task this year!

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