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For the last few days visitors to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with the support of Caley members, have been enjoying the fruits of apple trees.  Tasting, identifying and even drinking!

Often apple-days seem to focus on delicious apples that people cannot buy in the shops, but don’t be disheartened.  I understand that one of the apples available to taste was ‘Charles Ross’.  This is an apple first shown in 1890 but some were bought in a supermarket and used for tasting – alongside heritage specimens. (A fact that was disclosed and shared with tasters).  The only difference was that the ones grown in Scotland were
slightly smaller.

This reinforces the perception that some people have about it not being easy to grow apples in Scotland – they just need to have the right variety for the right conditions.  The talk on the apples at the Castle of Mey in Sutherland surely proved that.

So what was in the limelight after two days of apple tasting?  Nothing less than an apple called ‘Limelight’, a relative newcomer, described as crisp and refreshing. The good thing for Scotland is that it is more frost resistant than some, making it suitable for colder areas.

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