Bulb planting.

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George emailed me to say he had finished potting up bulbs and his pots are safely tucked in their plunge beds for a good rest.

Me?  Well I have nearly finished – but I ran out of compost so had to head out and get more.  And as an additional watching game I have planted three varieties in the Caley trial plots at the Botanics.  I don’t expect the biochar to make a difference – but you never know.

The Caley bulb workshop is this coming weekend.  Although this means even more pots to tend for when they are removed from the Botanics nursery where they will be plunged – I do always like to take part because then at least I have a chance of having something to show if the weather is ultra cold at home.  ???????????????????????????????

(PS:  This is NOT a picture taken today!)

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