But I don’t want to buy plants…

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It’s not every day that we get to see Scotland’s top garden designers at work.  If you are thinking about a visit to Gardening Scotland this weekend please remember that it’s not just about buying flowers!

Last year I came back with so much inspiration I went straight out in the garden for about 5 hours.  I spent the next two days building raised beds out of recycled materials from around the garden.  I demolished an old outbuilding a couple of years ago and had 100 or so reasonably good bricks left over and found a small pile of slate in tucked away when we moved in (none of which would have made for a very good roof).  All of this went in to building something I had not even considered before the show, and completely changed the character of the bottom of my garden (dedicated to veg, the greenhouse, and at present largely given over to a fallen Rowan tree – see previous, the surgeon is on his way, allegedly).

My point is, regardless of what you think you will get out of the experience, whether you are a seasoned professional, an old hand, just starting out or a lifetime novice, there should be something for you.

And yes,  if you want to, you can buy plants.

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