The Resourceful Garden

Caley Show Garden

We are very pleased and excited to have a show garden built within our Demonstration Garden at Saughton Park. “The Resourceful Garden” has been designed by Kristyna Andrlova, one of our student members.  Kristyna is a Garden Design student at SRUC and is a regular volunteer for the Caley at Saughton.

When Kristyna mentioned that she was doing a show gardens module as part of her course, we were delighted to be able to offer her a space within the Demonstration Garden for her to actually build her design.  The brief that we gave her was “Reuse, Recycle and Use Local” and so “The Resourceful Garden” was born.

Kristyna is building the garden at the moment with help from her classmates and Caley volunteers and is being supported by staff from SRUC. The completed garden was officially unveiled on the 11th of June at our Saughton Summer Fair.

Ann Burns, former Director of Gardening Scotland and SRUC (Oatridge) Horticultural Team Leader, visited Saughton to see the garden and said Kristyna’s design and build was the result of an incredible level of attention to detail at all stages and was simply outstanding.

The space that she was given was not huge and her design ideas are easily transferrable to the smallest garden, so why not pop along to Saughton and see it for yourself?  We are sure that you will find something that you will want to try in your own space.

You can download the leaflet explaining a bit more about the design here.