Celebrating success at Sheriff Park, Glasgow.

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Sheriff Park, Glasgow – A residential garden, where people and plants are growing together.

‘Grow & Learn has given me knowledge about gardening, it’s something I never thought I would learn how to do, these things stay with you.’ SP resident

An impressive total of eight enthusiastic staff and six eager residents/community gardeners from Sheriff Park Service, Glasgow (The Richmond Fellowship, Scotland)) have successfully completed their Grow & Learn ‘Roots’ award. Over the past year, the group have been working towards their award, developing skills and knowledge in practical gardening and learning outdoors. What has been particularly amazing to watch is the learning together approach, where staff and residents have been growing together, building their skills and confidence in gardening, taking pride in their successes as well as accepting the odd failure now and then.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, their garden has been growing. They now have a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, flowers and herbs. They have also been redesigning the wildlife pond, painting furniture and generally making their garden more wildlife friendly. With all the lovely produce growing on their doorstep, the group have also been developing their cooking skills. A key signature dish is now stuffed courgette flowers, deep-fried in a tempura batter – impressive cooking by anyone standards.

 ‘I get a lot of satisfaction gardening, seeing the end results and it still carries on. I have learned things I never knew how to do, like sowing seeds and how to look after the growing beds.’ MMcG resident

We are looking forward to presenting everyone with their Grow & Learn Certificate of Horticultural Achievement over the coming weeks and the group are keen to work towards our new award, Grow and Learn in Nature, which we will be launching in the Autumn. Watch this space.

‘I’m chuffed I am getting an award, it was good thing and I would recommend it.’ MMcM resident

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