George Anderson’s nail biting approach to the Spring Show continues!

 In Spring Show

Would you believe it !!!

Snow is forecast for Saturday afternoon. There seems to be a weather system coming up from the south east and so rather than take any chances I have been moving pots around in the half dark. All the pots that were outside in the warm corner have been returned to the tunnel and wrapped up snug for the weekend.

The bad weather may not reach Edinburgh but having managed to get the daffs this far I do not want to have them ruined. I am sure that having packed them all into the tunnel that they will likely become drawn and over-tall but that is the least of my worries. Paranoid or what?? No fingernails left to bite and with so many folk watching my every move I have no place to hide should it all go pear shaped.

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  • Pam

    Scary times and totally different to any of my previous attempts at showing. (This will be year 4 and is a real challenge.) I have had to move the plants up from the cold greenhouse to the cool conservatory – but then it is colder out here in the sticks!

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