George on the Countdown to Spring

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On Monday this week George Anderson took some of the more advanced pots of show daffodils out his plunge bed. The foliage is about six inches tall and he was anxious that if he left them for the next three weeks they would be too tall. There were lots of slugs adhering to the pots so slug pellets were scattered to catch the blighters out. Tuesday morning there are a good dozen or so that have fed and ended up with sore tummies!! (Slugs that is!)

The Hyacinths in a large pot have been moved round to the sunny side of the house to bring them on. But these are not for showing just for display. The show ones are still snug in the plunge bed and doing their stuff. (‘Doing their stuff” is highly specialised horticultural terminology!)

Snowdrops are up and starting to show colour, the Hamamelis, Sarcococca, Winter Cherry (Prunus subhirtella autumnalis) is in first flush of bloom and in a neighbours garden Winter Aconites are starting to show colour too. Plus the Clematis armandii on the east facing wall has started into growth and has young shoots of about a foot long already.

Earlier in the week a queen bumble bee was seen and today spiders have been active spinning webs and catching flies. So George is wondering if SPRING is already here??

I wonder??  I suggest you watch out for frosts…….

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