George’s bulb blog. Week 2

 In Spring Show

The bulbs have been sitting outside for the past week and have started to green up a little. Today I moved them into the cold glasshouse to get them started into a faster rate of growth. I hope. The glasshouse is in partial shade for much of the day but is much warmer than outside And my own bulbs that have been in there for two weeks now are starting to show flower buds and their leaves have assumed a good shade of green.

Geroge's own bulbs2

George's onw bulbs that have been out of the plunge for 3 weeks and in the greenhouse for 2

The Caley workshop bulbs have had some of the compost scraped off the top of their pots in order to leave space for watering. I may have to remove more later. The Hyacinths are well advanced with their flower spikes well past the nose of the bulbs.

Caley bulbs one week after being removed forn the plunge

It is important not to force them too quickly at this stage as it is very easy to push the growth on so quickly that as the leaves push upwards they can dislodge the flower spike. The tulips look a bit squint at the moment but they will quickly straighten up if I keep turning the pot every so often.



Meanwhile outside the flower spikes of Surfside ( a N cyclamineus cv) are at gooseneck stage and starting to show colour.

SurfsideThey won’t keep until the Spring Show But will be much enjoyed as they come to full bloom.


I will start watering this week perhaps even with a little high potash liquid feed.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine


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