George’s Paperwhite at end of November

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It is interesting how the growth has developed on the potted bulbs. 26 November Paperwhites





Those planted back in October are as expected well advanced and the flower buds are showing well. Buds developing on the first plantings

They will need to be held back and indeed have been placed outside to slow down their growth.

Paperwhite planted on 5th Nov at 26th Nov


The pot planted. 5th Nov has been kept in the cold glasshouse since it was removed from the plunge and may need to be brought into the warmth next week to get it advanced a bit more.

It is all a lottery !!

{Pam’s comments: My bulbs potted on the 5th November have been kept in a cold unheated room – not outside so look more like the ones George planted in October.  But I am not happy with them so they are going outside for a wee bit.  Can stop to take a picture at the moment.  Dont forget the competition date is 16th December.}


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