Getting ready for Spring starts now!

 In Spring Show

George and Jill have planted their Scamp Challenge bulbs!

They used deep 3 litre pots to give the bulbs sufficient depth for rooting. (As only the best bloom is needed to enter the competition the normal 2 litre pot isn’t a restriction.)

They part- filled the pots ( to within about 40 mm of the rim) with multipurpose compost and then placed the bulbs on top.Ready to plunge

The potted bulbs were then set aside and put into a cool moist plunge area where they were covered with compost and protected from rodent attack with some wire netting.

Plunging the Scamp challenge

They will remain in the plunge until next year.  Then sometime between late January or mid February they will be lifted out and brought into flower for the  Caley Spring Show in late March.

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  • Margaret Teale

    Ah Ha! Good tip for 3 litre pots. Shall do the same but hope I don’t get the rodents .

    • pamwhittle

      After last year – when I lost my specials to mice in the greenhouse I am taking no chances!

      • Margaret Teale

        Mice! In greenhouse?!

        • pamwhittle

          Yes – in the very cold greenhouse which had been cleared except for the few specials ‘safely’ tucked away!

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