Grow & Learn in Nature (GLiN)

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Grow and Learn in Nature (GLiN)

We’ve just launched our NEW GLiN award and were delighted that so many people across Scotland are already getting involved. With many gardens and projects currently closed, GLiN offers people the opportunity to continue to develop their gardening and nature skills at home. Whether its creating bug hotels in the garden, growing plants for pollinators on your balcony or even herb planters on your windowsill, GLiN will help you to learn and understand the natural world around you a little more.

Carolann from Fife, is working towards her GLiN award by planting bulbs at home and also at her local primary school. She is also providing food for birds and water for pollinators, insects, birds and mammals. Carolann is also committed to reducing her use of plastic.


‘I plan to sow lots of seeds next year, so instead of buying pots I put out an appeal to my local community to ask if they had any they didn’t need. In one day the response was just fantastic’. Carolann, Fife.

Do you care about our natural world, want to learn more, get involved and make a difference? Contact:

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