Harvest time in the teaching garden

 In Saughton Park, Veg Growing

Friday was my first week back in a while after working and, gosh, what a treat!

Luckily, we have had the rest of the ‘Saughton Friday Crew’ to nourish and care for our veggies. What a superb job!

I arrived Friday morning to a bumper crop of ready-to-harvest courgettes, bundles of carrots, and onions & garlic.

Sadly, we had suffered minor casualties due to the strong winds on Thursday, which caused four of our glorious sunflowers to topple. Max and I cut the fallen stems and spent some time improving the supports for the remaining, fast-growing stems.

The sunflowers have served as an interesting draw for passers-by, and started several engaging conversations (including a few height-comparisons for small children to be shown).

Throughout the day we worked to harvest the spring onions, courgettes, carrots, and onions & garlic.  (Sometimes with visiting helpers!)

Our plan now:
1. Drying onions and garlic bulbs (at home).
2. Weeding and soil improvement to continue the growth and nourishment of our veg patches.
3. Acquiring feedback from visitors, inspiring knowledge-sharing, and promoting greater enthusiasm for gardening.
4. Hopefully, more harvesting next week!

We hope you stay with us and listen out for more updates!

This week’s author: Charlotte Whittle.

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