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Clematis montana has white flowers, though it is most often seen as one of its pink forms.  It is a vigorous and easy to grow climber although, as with any clematis, it needs some support to get up a wall. As it is so vigorous it can easily cover an ugly shed (very useful) or climb a tree. It is much less likely to be affected by disease than the large-flowered clematis.  Pruning is only needed to keep it within bounds and should be done as soon as the flowers fade to allow it to make new growth for next spring’s blooms.

Good forms of C. montana var. rubens include ‘Elizabeth’, which has a good pink colour and a slight scent, while ‘Tetrarose’ is a deeper mauve-pink shade with bronze foliage. C montana var. grandiflora has very large white flowers and like most cultivars is scented.  There are double forms and some with twisted petals – an acquired taste!

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