In preparation for spring!

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Autumn is well and truly with us, the clocks have just turned back and winter will soon be with us.  With all the doom and gloom messages about another bad winter it is good to see Caley members preparing for Spring – well, the Spring Show to be a bit more precise.

The bulb planting workshop on 22nd October was, I am reliably informed good fun.  Tom Hardwick was in good form and kept everyone right on the day – there is always something to learn!

Bulb planters at work

Bulb planters 'hard at work'

The picture shows the first pots of bulbs being placed in their winter lodgings at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh nursery.  It  helps to gives you an idea of how deep the pots were put, as the soil was brought up to the top of the raised beds.

Apparently the Botanics Nursery has a mouse problem which started when students began to grow vegetables! The mice arrived, ate the peas and have found a taste for other things!  So after planting and covering with soil, the bed was covered with 5mm galvanised wire mesh.  You can just see the rolls ready to be put in place.

Fingers crossed it all goes [grows?] well.

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  • George Anderson

    Good to see the happy smiling faces of the participants. What a leap of faith it is planting the bulbs and then leaving them to the vagaries of winter and hoping that come the spring new growth will have started. I have planted all my bulbs (early Oct)and they are in the plunge also covered with wire netting but here it is to keep cats and foxes off the top. I have mice also but resort to traps baited with peanut butter to lure them away from the bulbs. Mice seem to like crocus and tulips best and rarely attack daffs and hyacinths or snowdrops. I will be lifting bulbs from my plunge at the end of January and will start the Caley Bulb pages then. Meanwhile I will let them sleep in peace.

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