Irises…Iris’s…Irae…Iris’…….Julia’s Flowers

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Further to comments and posts previous regarding the early flowering of the pots of Iris excavated from the plunge bed at the Botanics I was sent the following pictures by Caley member Julia, to whom I must express both my sincere thanks for sending on pictures and my humble apologies for the delay in posting them!

Julia's Iris

Julia's Iris

Bulb progress

Boxes and boxes of bulbs

I believe that there may be the option for a mini Iris competition at the AGM on Tuesday so 1) If possible, come to the AGM 2) Bring any early flowering Iris bulbs you may have!

Finally, the feature image for this page is a picture of a beautiful Hellebore from Julia’s garden.

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  • George Anderson

    Well done for keeping the Iris going. Mine look like a piece of old faced canvas coloured seaweed!!
    Bumble bees now seen almost every day and Hedge Sparrows and Blue tits are now going around in couples. Repotted the mints and some of the Hostas yesterday and found lots of caterpillars of the Yellow Underwing Moths. Mahogany heads and white segmented bodies. The blackbirds loved them.

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