March 14th – Report from George Anderson on preparing for the Spring Show

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Thursday 14th March:  Only just over a week to go and things are not going too well. There has been very little sunshine really and the temperatures have been a bit on the low side.

However the pots I brought into the house on Monday have moved on and the White Hyacinths which were wearing a scarf of snow on Monday. Are now well advanced. photo (3)It just shows you how much difference a little rise in the temperature makes to growth.

The pots of Caley bulbs have been a bit slow and need some extra heat to try to get their buds to open. Arkle is a showing colour, Surfside is well into flower but a bit thin in number of flowers per pot.Caley workshop bulbs Hyacinth, Arkle and Sursisde
The tulips are holding well and have been set out in the sunshine (what there is of it) to get them to open and colour up a bit.
Jersey Roundabout is needing a bit of a push so is inside, and Sportsman is thinking about showing colour and is inside also just to get it to hurry along.Jersey Roundabout Tulip and SportsmanRemember to keep your pots well watered.

The pots of cut flower bulbs are very slow as well this year and I am currently rotating them, one day inside and then outside again to be replaced by others from the poly tunnel.

Rotation rotation rotation

This is when I wish they were better trained and could respond to the whistle and just line up at the back door when it was their turn to come for a heat.


There are a reasonable number of flowers showing in the pots in the warm corner and while there are not as many as in previous years there will be some for the show bench after all.



Oh by the way, the Amaryllis are flowering their heads off at the moment and I just hope that they will keep going until next Saturday at 10am.Amaryllis in full flower
That is the magic time!!

More on Sunday or Monday

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  • Margaret Teale

    Very heartening to hear that I am not the only one having problems ! I have been doing the Hokey Cokey ,without the shaking all about , with all pots for the last couple of weeks . I am now at an impasse as the weather above the snow line , here in Balerno , is predicted to be minus temperatures at some time of day – all week until the Show!
    Some Sportsman flowers are in bloom but one has an orange corona. Is this a rogue or can they be different colours?
    Arkle is already in full bloom but I’m worried they have peaked too soon. What is the key factor in holding them back – temperature or light- or both? At the moment they are in a north facing unheated utility room. Should I put them out during the day and in at night? Decisions , decisions! Such fun ! (As Miranda”s Mother might say!)

    • George Anderson

      I am having a similar problem here. There are some cultivars that have come on rather quickly and so to hold them back they have been returned to the poly tunnel where it is cooler. Low temperatures will slow flower development and will also help to preserve flowers that are already in full bloom. Even cutting blooms and standing them in cold (even iced ) water will hold them back for a while. Think of how much longer cut flowers survive in the cool room of the house!!
      Have also noticed how direct sunshine accelerates the opening of blooms so keeping them in the shade (preferably cool shade) will slow their opening. Cool shaded conditions will also allow you to hold open flowers in full bloom for longer. The correct mix of shade and low temperatures is the recipe for success. The proof is in the eating of pudding .
      Hope this bells

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