March 7th – report from George on preparing for the Spring Show

 In Spring Show

I am a little anxious about what is happening weather wise over the next four days or so. As a consequence pots have been moved. Because it is forecast to be windy (from the East) I have re-housed most of the pots from the warm corner in the poly tunnel and secured it against the elements. There are still a few that have been left to take their chances in the shelter of the warm corner. It is relatively well protected from east winds so they should (fingers crossed) be OK. Plants in the warm corner

The Caley bulbs as you can see are going on a treat. The daffs are at various stages of bud and flower and the hyacinths and tulips progressing well also. At this stage the tulips and hyacinth are sitting in a shady corner where they too are protected from both the sun (if we get any) and the east winds.

N.Arkle, Tulip and N.Surfside from the workshop

If your bulbs are at the stage where they need to be staked, make sure that you do not tie them up too tightly. Knot the string using a bow so it can be released later when you have to adjust the height of the stakes or when you want to remove it at the show bench

I have been keen to push on the hyacinths and so they were sat out in the small plastic glasshouse on the south side of he house.N.Jersey Roundabout, Hyacinth and N. Sportsman

The sunshine certainly made them jump and the temperature in the enclosed space was often wonderfully tropic. I thought that I was doing well. One of the pots with three splendid spikes of flower just emerging from the foliage was a cracker!! Disaster strikes when you least expect it and often just when you are counting your chickens and looking forward to great success. The heat was too great, the humidity too high with the result that one of the flower spikes has been forced out of the bulb completely and came away in my hand when I check it yesterday. Teach me to think I know it all!!.

The temperature is due to drop in the coming week so watch out for frost and keep the buds protected.

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