New way of working at the Allotment

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Rather than working as a group, we are now spreading ourselves out on different days to comply with the latest government restrictions. It is good to be outside and working away on the cultivation of the plot. The autumn onion sets – ‘Senshyu Yellow’ and ‘Electra’ (red) were planted out and netted against the birds that like pulling the sets out of the ground and the rabbits that strangely like to nibble at the young shoots. All that is left to plant now is the garlic next month.

Good crop on the Adams Pearmain apple.

We got a good amount of weeding done and the grass had a cut. The apples were checked for ripeness. If they fall to the ground, they are bruised and don’t keep so we need to do regular ‘ lift and gently twist’ and if they come away, they are ripe.

Autumn raspberries

The autumn raspberries are cropping well and should provide a picking until the end of the month, weather permitting. They are so easy to grow, don’t need staked, don’t need netted and all you do is cut the canes down in January and the new canes grow that year. Some people don’t bother with summer raspberries at all now.

Jobs for next week

  • Weeding and picking!
  • Thin and cull some of the Innula and other plants along the path


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