Planting a fish tank…?

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4 months ago I bought a new fish tank.  For those of you who know about such things it’s a reasonably big one at 125 litres.  So far I’m not hosting very many fish in the tank, and to a certain extent they are only part of the whole picture, the main interest to me in setting up a new tank was planting it.
Ok, so I’m not going to rabbit on about my fish tank.  The reason for bringing this up is to draw attention to how the little garden in the fish tank (which currently consists of only 3 types of plant and some natural decorative material) is a microcosm with respect to the garden outside.
I’ve currently got my garden on the market.  It has a house attached to it and, to be fair, most people seem to want to spend more time looking at that when they come to see the garden.  One of the visitors wanted it (the garden) ‘for her dogs’.  I have a dog, the garden is not for him.  The garden (and the house) are still for sale, unfortunately. 
Part of the allure of having the garden/house up for sale is the idea of having a new garden to work on, especially if it’s one which has been either neglected or ‘under-used’ (by which I mean has space for more beds, plants and other interesting things).
Here’s where the microcosm comes in to play.  In the fish tank I have a ground space of about 2 square feet and 3 types of plants, carefully arranged to look nice from one direction.  So far, having pruned, adjusted lighting, fertilised, changed temperatures, pruned, fertilised, rearranged and fiddled to the nth degree I have achieved something which is bearable.  One of the plants grows so fast it seems to be trying to take over the world (the one which was supposed to be hard to grow).  The one which was supposed to be easy to grow sits there stubbornly doing nothing (though it’s still alive).  The third clings to life (and a small log), it doesn’t seem to do anything either.
So.  I want a new garden to play with.  One where I can’t control the weather, one where it has to look good from more than just one angle, where there are more than 3 different plants, where there are predators (snails etc) and everything is that much BIGGER and takes that much l-o-n-g-e-r to grow.  I can’t keep three plants under control under near perfect conditions (albeit under water, a bit like my garden in summer) and yet I still want a new one.

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