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Due to the rain, wind, cold etc I have not been out in the garden much over the last month and this has had a knock-on effect on the blogging, for which I apologise.

I am pleased to say (after a very brief and cold walk around the garden yesterday) that our Snowdrops are finally catching up with the spring flowers which popped up to say hello in December.

Unfortunately we seem to be at the mercy of the wind yet again (despite moving to the new garden in November) and find ourselves with a greenhouse looking remarkably like a Swiss cheese. It has no door and the roof panes have departed, leaving us with a wonderful view of the sky above! This is a situation which I am hoping to rectify shortly and have been looking at the various options available.

On the plus side, as the greenhouse is falling apart it does give us a good excuse to re-site as part of the whole re-design!

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