Alan is the gardener in charge of looking after the grounds at Saughton Park. He has been a stalwart at the park for the past 10 years. Ten years that have seen many challenges. From the early days when The Caley were based in the portacabin, Alan has been a great friend to and supporter of the Society. A close working relationship developed throughout the period of the park’s restoration and has continued despite the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Society has benefitted greatly from this close working relationship.

Alan has also worked closely with the friends of Saughton Park, providing gardening help and advice.

Alan is a plantsman, and his fit with The Caley and Saughton as a park with high horticultural standards, is to be appreciated.

We hope Alan receives a lot of compliments from the many thousands of visitors to the park. Saughton Park is no longer a hidden feature and is much appreciated by both the local community and visitors from further afield. The Caley wants to take the opportunity to formally show our appreciation and look forward to an ongoing close working relationship.

The park, The Caley and The Friends of Saughton Park all value the pride he takes in his work.  Thank you.

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