Christine has been Chairperson of the Scottish Borders Rock Garden Group for most of the time since its formation in September 1996.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, making members feel welcome, involved and very much part of the group.

The group hold monthly talk throughout the winter and are not necessarily confined to rock garden plants as Christine recognised that most members had a wide range of interests.  The group also famous for its cakes at the end of the talks; Christine is a notable baker. Members are encouraged to bring along plants for display at the meetings.  Since the beginning, the meetings have gone from strength to strength and have been very well attended with people travelling miles from all over the Borders. Without Christine’s hard work and enthusiasm there would not be such a thriving garden group in the Borders.

Christine is a keen and skilful gardener and as well as growing a wide range of plants in her garden she has glasshouses full of bulbs, pleionies and other plants which appreciate protection.  She has borders full of herbaceous and woodland plants and not content with just growing outdoors, inside her house she grows pot plants to perfection, especially tropical orchids.

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