Since 1965, Dorothy has been a hardworking and dedicated Member of the National Chrysanthemum Society promoting the society throughout the UK. She has served on the NCS Scottish Group Management Committee since 1986 and on the NCS Executive Committee since 1987 as well as being a qualified judge and top-class exhibitor around the world.

In addition, Dorothy has been a dedicated member of the Dundee Flower Show having served on the Show’s Management Committee since 1987 when the Show moved to Camperdown Park and came under the auspices of Dundee Parks Department. She also served on the Glasgow Festival as judge and worked for the NCS at the Festival.

Dorothy has always been a very keen, hardworking and active member of the NCS serving all aspects of horticulture at Flower Shows and Festivals with her enthusiasm encouraging people from all walks of life to participate. She travels widely throughout Britain attending meetings, exhibiting and judging at local and national shows. She is a first-class chrysanthemum grower winning many top prizes and awards at local and national shows over the last 50 years.

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