John Smith has spent a lifetime teaching and imparting enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism into both young and more mature people hoping to make a career in horticulture. His early career involved working for RBGE, SASA and local authorities before he became a lecturer at Oatridge College in 1986.  For almost 30 years John has taught horticulture, turf care, forestry and social and therapeutic horticulture, sometimes unpaid.

He helped get the Caley’s Grow and Learn programme started and was key in writing and structuring the Master Gardener programme.

John has never stopped learning himself, continually developing his skills to be a better educationalist.  Recently, John set up his own consultancy business, continuing to impart his knowledge. John has spent almost his whole career in Scotland teaching the gardeners of tomorrow.

He taught students from 1986-2010 but also supported charities that have education at their core. He is still a member and trustee of Trellis and Scottish Gardeners’ Forum as well as a member of Thrive and recently took on the role of Educational Consultant to the Caley. His almost 50-year career in horticulture is an example of perseverance and dedication to any aspiring young gardener.

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