Pat Irwin is a retired engineer. He has supported the group, ‘Bonnie Blantyre’ for the past 2 years. He has planted up countless planters and hundreds of spring bulbs along with trees and hedging. His most recent achievement is designing and organising a substantial new community garden in Blantyre called, ‘The Blantyre Miners Community Garden’. Pat’s design has created a fabulous ‘Serenity Garden’, practical growing area and orchard. He researched every aspect of the garden, from the water tanks and polytunnel to the paths and slabbing. He brought structure and creativity into a blank canvas. The garden wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for his amazing work ethic, design and project management.

Pat spent 6 months on this project. When he wasn’t on the site working, he was at home planning and making phone calls and, despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19, he ensured that this space was transformed into the beautiful garden it is today.

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