Wullie and Myra are members of the University of the Third Age in Barrhead and they maintain the floral planters in the local railway station. The group worked in the Walled Garden within Barshaw Park in Paisley and under Wullie and Myra’s leadership, helped to restore the garden from a neglected plot to the place of beauty and calm it is today. Wullie can turn his hand to most things; from recycling materials to make compost bins to all things horticultural. His energy seems to know no bounds. Myra has great depth of knowledge about plants. They are generous in sharing their horticultural knowledge with less experienced gardeners, giving them confidence to have a go!

They have travelled widely visiting gardens and, in the winter months, have kept their group enthused with entertaining slide shows featuring the inspiring places they have been and with fun quizzes. On these trips they have gained great insight to garden design, gardening techniques, and planting ideas, and they put these lessons to good use in their own beautiful garden and in Walled Garden.

Their service to the community in leading the restoration of the garden has been outstanding.

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