Rising to the challenge at the Allotment

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With the new Scottish Government restrictions in place, we are spreading ourselves out over several days rather than the whole team going to the Allotment at the same time. Last week a lot of good weeding went on around the beds and paths and at the willow windbreak. We also cut the grass. The sprouts and spring sprouting broccoli were staked before the autumnal gales come along and blow them over. The bramble was pruned as were the last of the apples and the plum tree tidied up.

There is still a lot of fruit and veg to be picked each week with the Discovery apples (always the first to ripen and needing eaten first too since it is not a keeper), autumn raspberries, courgettes, peas, runner beans, carrots, beetroot and chard. Some of the cabbages supposedly for winter picking are already ready for cutting and the leeks likewise – not what was planned at all since there is still plenty of summer produce for picking but we are at the mercy of the weather.

Next month will see the last planting of the year with the autumn onion sets going in and, towards the end of the month when it will be colder, the garlic.

Jobs for next week

  • Weeding round the edges
  • Check the apples for ripeness
  • Take out the peas and fork over the bed
  • If no decent rain, water the autumn raspberries
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