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What a difference a week makes, we took the bulbs out of our own plunge bed on Friday following last week’s trip to the Botanics.  The results are quite pleasing (we only have one pot which seemingly contains nothing at all, and which I fear may have been planted in the plunge before the bulbs had been put in!).

One pot was so happy to come out into the daylight that it burst into immediate flower on Saturday. I am now the proud owner of a pot of beautiful blue dwarf Irises, with little yellow stems.  No chance of showing them then!

Is anyone else seeing such significant growth in their post plunge pots?

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  • George Anderson

    I think that the Iris are a no go for the show. Too early and like yours mine have started to flower already. I had thought of trying to hold them back until the Caley AGM and having a mini competition then but I think that that is now unlikely. The mild weather forecast for the rest of this week will cause some rapid growth I suspect.

    Anyone else seen bumblebees yet. Saw my first last Friday, it was trying to fly in through the unopened french windows..

  • Julia Miflin

    I agree, total rockets. From one Iris in flower yesterday, there are four today, just one to open so definitely a “no go” for the show. Let’s see if they last until the 6th March. Despite putting the pots against a north-east wall & not watering/feeding since 11th February when we lifted them, there is no holding the Iris back.

    All the other pots from the Caley plunge beds are doing well, all greened up within a week & most are now in bud (except the forward Iris). For a first-timer this will be more luck than judgement this year. With all the mild weather forecast, hopefully I will have something left to show in four weeks’ time.

    I now appreciate how difficult it is to show Spring bulbs without the advantages of cold storage, a heated greenhouse and years of experience. It is proving harder as an exhibitor than organiser during those few years helping to stage the Dundee Spring Show!

    • Pam

      Julia – we are definitely going to have a min-competition at the AGM for the Iris. So do come and bring your pot.

  • Margaret T

    Mine too, even at the dizzy heights above the snow line at Balerno! One was out on 20th and the other three were open within a couple of days . The rest are all in bud and the hyacinths looking as if I may need to hold them back- one variety has twin spikes but I see form George’s blog that I am in good company.

  • Old Dutch.

    Three large pots of Iris ‘Harmony’ planted outside in October, against a west facing shed, came out in flower (very pretty) for about 10 days and are already over. Crocus ‘Cream Beauty’ are doing very well, also blue winter pansies and Tete-a-Tete daffodils, in a large stone trough, against the south wall of the house. Snowdrops ‘Sam Arnott’ are particularly good in the back border this year, in spite of big fencing repairer’s boots treading all over the clumps.

  • Julia M

    Sacrilege… Just had to cut 10 spikes from the hyacinth bulbs to leave the statutory nine, three per pot. One bulb had four spikes, many others three. The Tulip ‘The First’ have been fully open for a week or so & the Narcissi are starting to flower, ‘Rapture’ & ‘Abba’, despite two weeks to go. The pots that will be ready for showing are diminishing by the week. The Iris are well over, they now look like dirty brown tissue, not a good look & didn’t last long. Hopefully some of the bulbs in the garden will not be quite so premature. The Iris ‘Harmony’ are looking great but may not last? As this is the first Spring in my new house, I’ll just have to see what appears…

  • Julia M

    At least I’ve had the benefit of beautiful spikes in the house as I couldn’t bear to throw them away & just stuck them in water. They’ve lasted two weeks & smell lovely. However, the ‘Blue Pearl’ are PINK!

    I’ve left the ‘Stann Creek’ & ‘Rainbow’ out in the sun today & watered them well (on Tom Hardwick’s advice last night) so hopefully I’ll have four varieties of daffodil as the ‘Rapture’ and Abba’ are still blooming well. The “3-spike” hyacinths pots too.

    • pamwhittle

      Brilliant! I will look forward to seeing their progress.

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