Spring Show

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It has just struck me that whilst most people will come to the blog from the main website there may be those who are not familiar with the Caley’s main website (https://thecaley.org.uk/) and therefore night not be aware as they should be of one of the main events in our calender coming up this weekend….

I would hope that everyone reading this is aware of the Spring Show, and has been preparing for some weeks or months with entries, I feel that I should give you the details:

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th March 2012
Fletcher Building
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Official flyer

For those who do not know where this is, here’s the Google Maps link.

Whilst the website will carry many beautiful official pictures we would be more than happy to see some unofficial ones here.  Don’t forget you can send anything for posting to caleyblog@gmail.com along with any text you might wish put up and, as always, your comments will be most welcome.

I look forward to seeing you there on Saturday or Sunday.  (Any readers from Brazil, Japan, Spain, Uzbekistan, Stornoway, etc who have flown in for the show should be able to find me in a yurt…)

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  • Georgina Clayton

    I am not showing this year, but would like to visit the Spring Show. No where on the Caley web site can I find WHAT TIME on Saturday and Sunday the Show is open to the public.!!!
    Was thinking of coming this morning, Sat 24th, when there is a haar, and go to my Allotment at Lady Road this afternoon when it is sunny!
    BUT there will prob. be Judging this morning….
    Will go and see if there is a poster in the local Butcher’s window….perhaps that will have the times open to the public. I just dont want to go up to the Botanics and find I cannot actually visit the Show!

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