Sweetcorn ready on the Allotment

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The fruit is now ripening fast and on Thursday we had a good picking from the Victoria plum. When it was thinned a few days ago, none of the fruits were ripe but today we had a good harvest of plums of a good size. The blueberries are still fruiting well, and the sweet peas are now into their seventh week of being covered with flowers and giving us all a good bunch to take home.

First of the sweetcorn

From now on, the apples will need to be checked each week for ripeness. It is an easy check – if the apple is ripe then giving it a gentle twist means it will come away from the branch. The variety ‘Discovery’ is the earliest one on the plot and it is beginning to ripen now. The first of sweetcorn is ready, a couple of weeks earlier than usual due to the warm days.

Cutting back the strawberry runners

The runners on the strawberries were drastically cut back leaving only a few for new plants, and a start made on the summer pruning of the fruit, starting with the gooseberries.

For once we didn’t need to get the hose out, but the courgettes and peas were given a watering, the grass was cut and as ever, some weeding done too!

Jobs for next week

  • Check the apples and plums for picking
  • Water the courgettes and peas/beans if no rain
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