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It would seem that one of our number has allegedly taken his bulbs from their plunge bed already… the rumour arrived in my inbox the other day, alleging that former Caley President George Anderson has taken his bulbs out of his plunge bed.

Ours are trying to climb out on their own, no pictures though I’m afraid (they’re shy); by the time I remember to take a picture it’s always dark!

Fortunately our present President has kindly supplied me with a picture of her plunge bed, which she assures me has not yet been emptied. In fact, if you look very closely you can see some green shoots here as well.

Presidential Plunge

Presidential Plunge

If anyone else has a plunge on the go and feels like sending a picture in for posting then please feel free to email me at caleyblog@gmail.com .

If there is anyone with other pictures, articles, posts etc that you want to email through for inclusion then please send these on as well. Don’t be shy! Thank you to everyone who has commented already, please remember to keep the comments coming!

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  • George Anderson

    It has been a strange and rather mild winter so far. Time has been a bit short what with one thing and another and with the bulbs almost forcing themselves out of the plunge on their own I thought that it was best to assist them. They have been sitting out in the cold for a week to ten days now and that will have allowed them to dry off a bit. This is useful as it means that I can now slowly introduce water and heat to them. Today they are in the poly tent I have erected at the side of the house and will remain in there for a while until they star to show signs of more growth. I may feed with a liquid fertilizer once a week once growth reallystarts to get going and hopefully have flowers for Haddington Show which is the week before The Caley Spring Show.
    Remamber however I am in the ‘balmy’ East of Edinburgh a mere 400meters from the shore. I will soon be starting the bulb blog on The Caley Website so you can follow up progress there. Meanwhile Barnum one of the cultivars from Scamp is almost at the goose neck stage. I may need to go into the freezer!!

  • Pam

    I see Barnum has an RHS AGM award. http://apps.rhs.org.uk/plantselector/plant?plantid=3463

    One of my lists shows it as being Mid Season flowering – but I see it is Irish-bred and there it is listed as Very Eartly to Early. Clearly yours is Very Early. I shall look forward to seeing it.

    • George Anderson

      Mine is the Irish version and if you look on the Caley website at the bulb blog there you will see a photo of the pot once it is uploaded.
      There are also photos of the home made poly tunnel there .

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