Unwelcome visitor at the Allotment – the dreaded New Zealand flatworm

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The continuing mild and bright days make allotment duties very pleasant. It is good to have visits from the male pheasant in all his autumn glory – though we make sure the veg is well protected against him and his like!

Giant Winter Cabbage

This week the new raspberry canes from the roving variety Glen Dee were moved to one of the narrow beds which should help to keep them under better control. More weeding done and there is now a plan for replacing the posts on the willow windbreak but we shall need to wait for some easing of the restrictions for that since it will be a job needing more than two people.

Giant Winter Cabbage – halved

Unfortunately, the idea of putting down plastic sheeting on the paths to kill the weeds has turned out to be a bad one. Lifting the sheeting we found we had created good conditions for the New Zealand flatworm, so all the plastic covers were removed and the flatworm dealt with. It certainly showed how many flatworm there are now on the plot so not all bad I suppose. The new weed suppressing material is lighter and permeable so hopefully that will keep the weeds under control and not encourage the flatworm.

New Zealand Flatworm on the move.

Jobs for next week

  • Plant the garlic
  • Cut back the Jerusalem artichoke stems to about 40cm
  • Keep enjoying the winter veg
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