Week three – George Anderson prepares for the Spring Show

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The snow last week did not come to much in sunny Joppa. We had some wet sleety stuff on Wednesday morning but not enough to cover the ground.

The bulbs in the environmesh shelter have been given a touch of luxury with a new cover of medium grade polythene. I was a bit anxious that there was not much of a temperature lift below the mesh and that with only 5 weeks to go now the bulbs needed a bit more warmth.

Looking into the polytunnel February 17th




I heard last week that Haddington Show is on 10th March this year, a week earlier than last year. I am away that weekend so fear I will not be able to prepare anything for their show this year but I may have something for the Aberdeen Show slightly later in the month.Inside the polytunnel - February 17th

The polythene arrived and was erected over the supports, a piece 3m x 4m cost £22 delivered. I will just need to watch that I control the ventilation and prevent the tunnel overheating. It has certainly made a difference in the five days it has been in place.

I have started feeding the bulbs now that they have started to green up and show some inclination to grow. I am using a half strength mix of tomato fertiliser to give them a kick forward. The hyacinths are looking OK as are the early tulips and most of the daffs and all in all they should make it to the show bench for The Caley Show at the end of March.

Meanwhile inside, the two Amaryllis I purchased in Amsterdam on the way back from holiday have been potted up and are starting to move. The flower buds are about two inches through the neck of the bulb and looking good. However I do keep reminding myself just how little success I have had with them in the past. Fingers crossed it may be better this time round.


As for the bulbs from the Caley workshop – there is clearly progress

Bulbs from the workshop (February 17th)


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  • Pam

    I suspect the taller of the Caley workshop bulbs in George’s blog is Arkle as these are the only ones I have that look as if they have remotest chance of being ready for the Spring Show.

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