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Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens are a great place for communing with nature, especially if you like squirrels. (Who I might add are rather partial to chasing eggs down hills if you ever have the chance to experiment).

The Festival has come to the Botanics however and it seems that the local Fauna is becoming more elaborate by the day, as these pictures testify!

Animals on Parade

Animals on Parade



The reason for all of this is to try and raise money and awareness for/of endangered species.  The Jungle City exhibition (www.jungle-city.org organised in partnership with Elephant Family) seems well worth a visit, as if anyone would need an excuse to go to the Botanics anyway…

If you’re note that interested in the sculptures, the plant shop at the John Hope gateway is now well stocked and well worth a visit if you fancy picking up something representative of the Gardens themselves.

Finally, I appreciate there’s not much in the way of plant life in these but they are quite stunning!

Penny for the Big Cat

Penny for the Big Cats?

Bird tries camouflage, fails

Exotic bird tries camouflage, fails badly.

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  • Pam

    I was so good to see so many people in the Botanics who might not otherwise have visited.

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