At the Children's Spring Show 2018

Gardening with children


There are different, and increasing numbers of activities focusing on gardening with children. We have a separate area at the Spring Show for school entries with a range of activities throughout the weekend, plus junior classes in the main Spring Show. We provide a hands on opportunity for children at Gardening Scotland and were the catalyst for a new school competitions at Gardening Scotland (2012 – Country in a Baskset; 2013 – Animals in their Habitat;2015– Quirky Kitchen) For anyone, children, parents or teachers, the Society offers a CD called Plant and GrowThis CD provides a year long programme of gardening activities for children. It has been developed with gardeners and children in both school and home environments. Plant and Grow can be purchased for £5 including postage. For further information, contact Administrator.

Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children

Photos from the Gardening with Children events

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