Corylus avellana – Hazel

The catkins or lamb’s tails of the male Hazel, Corylus avellana, are prominent as the bushes are not yet in leaf. The smaller female catkins become nuts after being pollinated by the wind. Hazel [...]

Caley Lecture Evening – 20th February

Rediscovering lost landscapes in Stirling; Garden Archaeology and Community – Dr Murray Cook. Murray is Stirling Council’s Archaeologist and has worked across Scotland for 20 years.  [...]

Winter Maintenance

A long job today was digging out one of the apple trees, ‘Charles Ross’, and moving it to another spot. It takes time to carefully dig down and tease out the roots. The tree has not grown very [...]

Snow doesn’t stop everything!

When I saw Rona of Quercus Plants weaving her willow in the snow earlier this week, I couldn’t help thinking about the statements made by Dr Andrew Duncan in 1811, a Vice- President of the [...]

George is getting ready

Last week George started his Blog on preparing bulbs for showing at spring shows. His Greenhouse was ready and waiting. The bulb foliage was well through the top of his plunge so he made the [...]

Another day, another bonfire!

Another week and the pleasure of another bonfire! The new raspberry canes were planted. The variety is ‘Glen Ample’. Raspberries are hungry plants, so the planting holes had plenty of compost [...]

In Flower Now – Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum (as it flowers on leafless stems), is already in flower in many localities. It is so easy to grow that it is often taken for granted. It shouldn’t be, as it is [...]