BISCOT is an exhibition of contemporary botanical illustration held annually at Gardening Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
This Scottish-based exhibition promotes excellence in botanical painting and illustration. It gives both national and international artists an opportunity to exhibit in Edinburgh and presents new and original botanical work. Most of the artwork shown is painted in watercolour although coloured pencil, gouache, graphite and ink are also accepted.
BISCOT is competitive and certificates are awarded in Gold, Silver-gilt, Silver and Bronze categories by a jury chosen from suitably experienced artists and botanists. Thanks to the Mendum Family and The Binks Trust, the unique Mary Mendum Medal may also be awarded for an exhibit of exceptional quality.
BISCOT is run entirely by volunteers with the support of both the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Funds are raised through the sale of cards and prints available at the exhibition.
If you are interested at exhibiting at BISCOT, please download the rules, regulations and an application form