Good news!  BISCOT has re-awakened post Covid and is to resume holding exhibitions.

As a prelude to a full resumption of BISCOT exhibitions, a retrospective exhibition will be held in the McHattie Room at Saughton Park in Edinburgh,  from 13th – 16th June 2024.

Entitled BISCOT REVISITED 2006 – 2019  it will feature a selection of works which were exhibited at BISCOT from the very first competitive exhibition in 2006 until the Covid lockdown in 2020.

All eligible artists have been contacted and invited to enter the relevant paintings. The response has been very enthusiastic and positive, ensuring that the public will have the pleasure of viewing these interesting and beautiful works once again.

This exhibition has been enabled by BISCOT and the Scottish Society of Botanical Artists combining their efforts to solve problems resulting from the Covid lockdown period. This co-operation is proving to be mutually beneficial and augers well for the future.

The first juried BISCOT exhibition will be held in 2026 and will be a biennial exhibition.

If you have any questions about BISCOT or the upcoming exhibition, please contact: