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The aim of The Caley is to support gardening and horticulture, in all its forms, throughout Scotland. By making a donation, you can help to support The Caley’s charitable activities, from our Grow & Learn education programme to the Demonstration Allotment.

Caley Glasshouse & Potting Shed

The Caley has a much longed-for base at Saughton Park in Edinburgh. We have a teaching garden, an office and a demonstration garden. We would love to have a teaching glasshouse and potting shed to allow us to extend the range of classes and workshops we can offer. We are hard at work fundraising for this project at the moment. By donating, you will help bring The Caley’s dream of a people’s garden a little bit closer.

You can donate using the form below or go to our glasshouse fundraising page for alternative methods of donating.

Artists impression: Karen Laing.

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The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (The Caley) is Scotland’s national horticultural and gardening society. Members include both amateur and professional, generalists, specialists and many others who simply like gardens and gardening.  We aim to encourage and improve the science, art and practice of all types of horticulture and to advance education in gardening and horticulture for everyone. Help support The Caley by making a donation today.

Gardening with Children

The Caley has an increasing number of activities focusing on gardening with children. We have a separate Junior Groups Spring Show for school & junior group entries, with a range of activities throughout the weekend and also have junior classes in the main Spring Show. Information about both shows can be found on the ‘Spring Bulb Show’ page of the website.

Donate to The Caley today and help to inspire the next generation of gardeners and horticulturists.

Grow & Learn

The Caley’s Grow and Learn Award is a practical horticultural award for people with a complex learning need. This may include for example, a learning disability, autism or a mental health challenge. The award offers a flexible framework, ensuring work is completed at a pace appropriate to the learner. On completion of the work, learners will have not only a portfolio of work but also The Caley’s Certificate of Horticultural Achievement. By donating to this project, you can help us to support many more people through the Grow & Learn Award.

Gift aid

By ticking the Gift Aid declaration box, it allows you to increase the value of your gift without paying a penny more by enabling us to reclaim tax that you have already paid at basic rate through UK income tax and/or capital gains tax. For every £1 you give, we can claim an additional 25p from HMRC. So, for example, if you donated £10, The Caley would receive an additional £2.50 from HMRC.

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