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Death Notifications

At the moment, with our normal face-to-face Society meetings on hold, there did not seem to be a correct manner to pass on the news of the death of a member. Social media does not seem to be the respectful way of doing so and some of our members are not signed up for the monthly e-newsletter, so we thought that  page on the website might be the answer.

Here we will pass on any news that we receive concerning the death of one of our members or of a Caley Medal holder.

If you have a notification that you would like to pass on, please email Julie:


William F Murray, Edinburgh. Mr Murray passed away in November 2020.  He was the holder of the Scottish Horticultural Medal (2003), The Queen Mother Memorial Medal (1993) and the Patrick Neill Medal (1984).

Ms Lindsay Morrison, Inwood Garden, Carberry. Ms Morrison passed away in November 2020.  She was awarded the Queen Mother Memorial Medal in 2013.

Patrick Wimbush, Edinburgh. Mr Wimbush passed away in October 2020.

Professor John R Hillman. Professor Hillman passed away in January 2021.  He was awarded the Scottish Horticultural Medal in 2003.

Capt. J D K Barnes, Biggar. Captain Barnes passed away in March 2021.  He was awarded the Scottish Horticultural Medal in 2002.

David Grier, Livingston.  Mr Grier passed away in April 2021.

David McAdam, North Berwick.  Mr McAdam passed away in July 2021.