Caley Awards Group 2018


The Society issues a number of prestigious awards, medals and certificates of merit in recognition of the achievements of professional horticulturalists, nurserymen, amateur gardeners, student and apprentices.

Our Awards

The Scottish Horticultural Medal (SHM): An award first introduced in 1950 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Society. The award is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 recipients at any one time and is awarded to anyone, anywhere, who has made an outstanding service, by a professional or amateur to Scottish Horticulture.

The Dr Patrick Neill Memorial Medal: An award to a Scottish botanist or cultivator. This medal is awarded biennially and will next be presented in 2020. The medal was established in 1851 by Dr Patrick Neill, one of the Founders and the first Secretary of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society: he instigated the award of this medal to a distinguished Scottish botanist or cultivator and the bequest to sustain it.

The Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Medal in Horticulture: Introduced in 1990 to mark the 90th birthday of the Society’s Patron, the Queen Mother. The medal is awarded for outstanding service by a non-professional.

The Dr Andrew Duncan Medal: Introduced in 2003 for distinguished service to horticulture by an educationalist, advisor or administrator.

Certificates of Merit: These awards were re-introduced in 2002 and acknowledge a wide range of service to gardening or horticulture.

Carter-Patterson Memorial Medal and Prize: An award to a high achieving horticulture student or apprentice.

Award Winners 2018

Award Winners 2018

2018 Award winners – click on the image to view the album.

2019 Award Nomination Form

  • About the Nominee

  • Maximum of 250 words
  • Nominated By

  • Maximum of 150 words


  • Nominations close on 30th November 2018.
  • Nominations are welcome from anyone – individuals, clubs OR societies. 
  • It is important that you provide details about why the person is being nominated, a very brief summary of their career and any particular achievements. (MAXIMUM 250 WORDS).
  • Please explain, in NO MORE THAN 150 words how the person you are nominating stands out from others and why he/she deserves special recognition. 
  • Please indicate which award you wish the candidate to be considered for. However, the RCHS Awards Committee reserves the right to consider a candidate for other awards as appropriate. 
  • Once the RCHS Council has considered the Awards Committee recommendations, successful candidates and their nominators will be contacted. (This is likely to be in January).
  • Awards are normally presented in Edinburgh at a ceremony following the AGM in March. However it is possible for awards to be presented at other events or locations.
  • Please note that when an award is not granted, it may be possible for nominations to be carried forward for consideration in the following year.


Nomination form 2019

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