Let potting begin!

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George’s Hyacinth and small flowered Daffodil bulbs have arrived and he has started planting.


This year his potting media is a mix of potting compost with added John Innes No2 some garden soil and leaf mould and supplemented with a scattering of a general fertiliser even though it should not be needed.



The bulbs are being potted into 2 litre pots as set out in the Show Schedule. The pots are filled to the brim, tapped lightly to settle the compost and then the bulbs are pressed lightly into the surface.

The newly potted bulbs are then set out in the plunge where they will be covered with a layer of compost of about 150 mm. (6″)



The plunge bed is important as it provides a cool damp regime which allows the bulbs to set down their roots.

The pots will remain in the plunge until late January when the process of preparing them for the Caley Spring Bulb Show will start in earnest.

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