March is an equinoctial month.

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March is an equinoctial month. Windy and calm in equal portions. It has come in like a lion this year with strong damaging winds  so the pots of bulbs have been moved into a sheltered position and huddled together like penguins against the icy blast. March10(1)Many pots are showing Buds now Velocity ( on the right) is showing good Gooseneck flower buds. March10(2)Just like the neck of a goose while others such as Coffs Way ( on the Left) are still presenting buds pointing to the sky.

Once the worst of the wind has passed I will move the pots back out into a more open sunny position.

I have also cut the first flowers from the open grown Daffs in the allotment and later this week I will post a set of photos showing how they have developed from tight bud to open flower in ??? many days.

Keep smiling, only three weeks to The Show.

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