Allotment Update Week Ending 14 September

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As we move on through September, the work needed on the plot lessens as the cropping comes to an end.  Once each bed is cleared a green manure is sown to give the soil a boost.  Most of these will either be dug in after a few weeks or cut down by the first frost depending on which comes first.  Rye grass is also being used and that will come through the winter and be dug in in early spring.

This week the raspberry canes were tied in to the wires; a long job but a necessary one to prevent any damage by winter winds and the grass cut.

Heaviest Carrot at Harrogate Show

Heaviest Carrot at Harrogate Show

Referendum Vegetable Flag

Referendum Vegetable Flag at the Harrogate Show

A visit to the Harrogate Autumn Show is always a treat, especially the fruit and vegetable marquee and its magnificent displays.  The giant vegetables are a favourite and this year there was a new record for an onion of 18lb 11 oz.





Great fun too to see the Referendum shown shown as a vegetable flag.






Onions at the Dalkeith Show

Our prize winning Shallots at the Dalkeith Show

We entered a fine display of shallots for the Dalkeith Show at the weekend and won 2nd prize.






Jobs for next week

Net the apples
Check for ripe apples

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