Give your fruit trees a warning!

A snell wind today to use a good Scots word, but the sun was shining. The winter fruit pruning workshop on Sunday was even more popular than usual with about 40 people turning up to watch George [...]


Seaweed and Jeruslaem Artichokes.

Something different today as we took delivery of a load of seaweed from a processing company – seaweed is a good source of nitrogen and potash and helps build up the humus in the soil. Some was a [...]


Winter Maintenance

A long job today was digging out one of the apple trees, ‘Charles Ross’, and moving it to another spot. It takes time to carefully dig down and tease out the roots. The tree has not grown very [...]


Another day, another bonfire!

Another week and the pleasure of another bonfire! The new raspberry canes were planted. The variety is ‘Glen Ample’. Raspberries are hungry plants, so the planting holes had plenty of compost [...]


Back on the Allotment

There was still some snow on the ground as we met up for the first working day of 2018, but the soil was not frozen, the sun was shining, and it was good to be out doing some physical work. And [...]


Autumn Bonfires

Another bonfire today to finish clearing out the dead hedge which was being used by wildlife we don’t want to encourage. Over the winter months we’ll put in another woven windbreak [...]


A fine Autumn day.

A very fine autumn day though a little warm for all the hard work. We finally managed to tidy the shed – badly needed!    It is surprising how things accumulate even in the small shed we [...]


Autumn is here

Autumn is here with the nights getting chilly but there is still plenty of sun around to ripen the apples and hopefully the sweetcorn.   We had the the first of the clearing up bonfires [...]


Harvest Time

Another warm and sunny day and still work to do on the plot. Whilst not as much to do as earlier in the season, work now involves clearing the ground, pruning and harvesting. Following the Open [...]


Getting ready for the Open Day

A warm and sunny day for the final titivation of the plot before the Open Day on Sunday. The grass and edges were cut, weeding and hoeing done. The new growth on the loganberry and Tayberry was [...]