Another gorgeous sunny day at the allotment…

 In Allotment, Biochar trial

Last Thursday was a lovely summer’s day on the Allotment and everything is showing good growth including the weeds.

Strawberry plants in full flower

Strawberry plants in full flower

The spinach was planted out, variety Reddy, the old parsley plants removed and the canes put in for the runner beans. The shoots of the early potatoes were showing so to protect them against frost, they were covered over with soil and we shall need to keep doing this for a couple of weeks yet.

Tom came and planted out his show peas Show Perfection all protected against rabbits and bird life.

The peas have grown enough to need staking so this year we put in stakes and tied rows of string along them. Pea sticks don’t work for us since we need to grow the peas under netting and the sticks get tangled up with the netting.

And the rest of the time we were weeding.

We noticed stunting on one row of the raspberry Glen Ample with most of the leaves showing pale yellowish/green spotting. This is possibly caused by the mosaic virus, spread by aphids and the only solution is to remove the plants and burn them and plant fresh stock in a different place. I’ll need to find more images of the effects of the virus before making a decision on taking them out.  The other variety ‘Octavia‘ looks perfectly healthy.


Mosaic virus on our raspberries, variety Glen Ample


Promising Pears

Jobs for next week

Weeding and more weeding
Succession sowing of peas and carrots

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