Dripping wet day on the allotment

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A dreich morning so we didn’t tidy the shed or the playpen but did some weeding from the path, hoed all the empty beds to keep the weeds down and started to prune out the old shoots on the bramble and Tayberry now they have finished fruiting.

The winter brassica – the kale and broccoli have grown well and needed additional strong staking to keep them upright through the winter storms. The primulas were thinned out and replanted around the plot and some daffodils put in for spring colour.

Still digging up beetroot and carrots, dug up a few artichokes and cut the black kale. Still picking apples too. Then the rain came on and we were all dripping so time to go.

Jobs for next week: Keep on with the weeding; Finish pruning the Tayberry; Plant out bulbs.

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