George checks on his Caley workshop bulbs

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The Caley workshop bulbs have been sitting neglected since we lifted them from the plunge on the 11th February and have now greened up well. 20-feb-workshop-daffodilsThe compost in the pots has dried out and I will start to apply just enough water to keep them moist.   20-feb-workshop-hyacinth


The Hyacinths are looking good and I have to say that they appear, at this stage, better than my own.

We were away visiting family in Leicestershire over the weekend and it is surprising just how much growth the bulbs have made in that short time. My pot of Narcissus ‘Elka’ is now well into flowering20-feb-narcissus-elka
As is the pot of Iris histrioides ‘ Sheila Ann Germany’ a beautiful little flower, pale blue with a darker strip or blotch20-feb-iris-histroides-sheila-ann-germany

They will never last until the show but they are an excellent garden plant.
More later

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