George has picked up his pots from Saughton

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I have picked up my pots of bulbs from Saughton where they have been in the plunge since they were planted in October.







Growthwise they are looking in good condition and I will not give them any water yet as the compost in the pots is still quite damp.

I have cleaned some excess compost from the tops of the pots to make space for watering and placed the hyacinths, tulips and Daffodils in the cold glasshouse.

One of the bulbs in the pot of tulips is showing signs of damage, possibly mice have been enjoying a nibble at the bulb. Luckily the flower spike is intact and so no great harm done. 

One pot had a two bulbs which had shown no growth and on investigation I found symptoms of an attack Narcissus fly and indeed in each bulb there was a larval stage of the offending insect.












Many of my own pots are showing flower spikes and so they have been put outside in the cool and shade to hold them back.



More next week.


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