It is dangerous to wish for frost but George would like it to remain on the cool side please.

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Although the cheery weather girl says it is due to get colder the bulbs continue to be well advanced. It is the mild weather over winter and of late that has caused my bulbs to be so advanced at this time of the year. I cannot remember them being this early in years past. The Hyacinths in the cold glasshouse have not been watered since they were lifted two weeks ago but already the foliage has greened up and some of the buds are showing even more colour than they were last week.

The pots of show Daffodils have also been kept dry and the foliage is greening up well and growing/ extending slowly.             

Some of the early cultivars have already pushed up their flower buds even on pots that have been sitting outside since they were lifted out of the plunge.

It is dangerous to wish for frost but I am hoping for some colder weather to hold them all back.

More later

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